Orange County District Attorney is a Bully!


  After four years, 1 Trial and two offers of half my Car settlement back. I am still being Bullied.

  I had a Dr.s Recommendation that said I could grow or posses 52 oz's, I had a State I.D. Patient Card and a State I.D. Caregiver card for Medical Marijuana, I had a sellers permit and a registered 501 C-3 Non-Profit Registered with the Secretary of the State of California. My passenger who was my ex-wife and now is my wife had a Dr.s recommendation that said 27 oz's and a State of California Medical Marijuana I.D. card.


   When those who are enforcing the Laws they are to uphold do not, What do we as free men and women do?

   When the Bully takes your lunch money then tries to offer you a deal for not telling on him, Do you take his deal?

  I was offered half of my own money back twice, Once before my trial in 2012 and once again on March 4th, 2014..

  I do not deal well with Bullies..

  Please Trend this and tweet this..   #O.C.D.A.ISABULLY


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